“30 Logos in 30 Days” A challenge by MT Designs

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On 01/08/2015

Inspired by “60 Logos in 60 days” project  by Karoline Tynes DesignMT Designs started a challenge to create one logo per day following the same rules that Karoline used: maximum of 60 minutes on each logo.

Day 1day_2Day 2day_3Day 3day_4Day 4day_5Day 5day_6Day 6day_7Day 7day_8Day 8day_9Day 9day_10Day 10day_11Day 11day_12Day 12day_13Day 13day_14Day 14day_15Day 15day_16Day 16day_17Day 17day_18Day 18 day_19Day 19day_20

Day 20day_21Day 21day_22Day 22day_23Day 23day_24Day 24day_25Day 25day_26Day 26day_27Day 27day_28Day 28day_29Day 29
day_30Day 30

For more info about their work check their facebook and behance



Last modified: 28/02/2017