Abdo Mostafa Rugs-A creative Carpet manufacturing Factory in the heart of Cairo.

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On 08/05/2017

The Egyptian factory for Oriental Rugs “Abdo Mostafa & Partners Co” is one of the most prestigious companies in producing the most exquisite and finest handmade rugs from wool and natural silk.

Besides local production, the company is famous for exporting high quality rugs and kilims to many countries in Europe, USA,Canada and Japan. Abdo Mostafa Rugs are very proud to have “Made In Egypt” on their rugs.

Founded by Mr. Abdo Mostafa in 1952. He was granted the golden award by the German Chamber of Commerce, as the finest rug producer in the Middle East during an exhibition in June 1986 Madrid, Spain.

For more info about their work and showroom locations check their website and  follow their Instagram account @abdomostafarugs




Last modified: 08/05/2017