Interior Design · 06/02/2017

Abu El Sid MOA. Designed & Executed by “The Studio”

 THE STUDIO design team have been working on developing Abou El Sid restaurant interior design since 2014 with dynamic module keeping the main  authentic identity of  Abou El Sid which was obvious in their latest branch in Mall of Arabia.

Abou El Sid restaurant is a recreation of an Egyptian house from the late 1930’s before Egypt gained full independence from British rule. All Abou El Sid restaurant aim at bringing this nostalgic era back to life through interior design, décor and overall atmosphere. Abou El Sid restaurant started in Egypt, since 2000 with the Zamalek branch that was the first one to open.Now it has expanded and opened many branches in Egypt


Originally founded in 2006, THE STUDIO started with a high profile caliber that has a good reputation and innovation in dealing with a multitude of architectural and branding projects which lead to the  establishment in 2014. This young architectural practice specializes in commercial developments in and around Cairo. The practice has grown steadily since its inception and has already built up a portfolio of high quality work across Egypt.   The practice provides a full range of design services including architectural design, interior design and spatial planning. All aspects from initial planning and briefing, through to detailed design development and technical documentation to on-site administration is completed as well as post completion analysis.

THE STUDIO strongly believe that the process is constantly enriched by the challenge introduced through interaction with diverse forms of expertise, needs, backgrounds and visions, as well as application of value engineering, time management and quality control techniques.THE STUDIO always thrive to work closely with their clients making the creation of new environments a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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