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On 05/06/2017

Custom-made Industrial Pendant lighting for Tapas Republic bar and café in City Square. A 4 meter thick solid wood beam using 20 bottles and brass base rings.

AG Creations creates unique and charming chandeliers and various lighting units using new and reclaimed material like driftwood, empty bottles and washing machine parts. They are dedicated to producing timeless handcrafted chandeliers that add warmth and charm to your space .

The recycled glass pendants offers an eco-friendly look for any space and add a touch of elegance. AG Creations repurpose glasses by removing the bottom part and converting them into  timeless lighting fixtures.

All Pendants are custom and handmade to order. For more info about their work check their Facebook page, and follow their Instagram account @ag_creations

Vintage Camera table lamp by AG Creations

Gramophone Abatjour

Driftwood lighting unit by AG Creations

Custom-made lighting unit for Tabla LUNA’s branch in Westown hub.


Etched bottles chandelier. Solid wood base, grey stain.

Candle holder, brass base.



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