Artistic Home Accessories by Square Art Prints Gallery

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On 14/02/2018

SQUARE Art Prints Gallery

provides a unique lifestyle through delivering high quality and artistic home accessories that reflect fine art in a distinctive, creative way. They also offer the art lovers the chance to bring the masterpiece paintings they love from around the world directly to their home.

For SQUARE Art Prints Gallery every day is considered a challenge of providing the highest quality, best artistic designs, with the most affordable prices.

Their products ranges are Paintings that are printed on the highest quality canvas imported directly from USA.
and home accessories (Cushions, Poufs, Mugs, Coasters, Napkin boxes, Tea boxes…etc ) all made in Egypt with the best quality and deep love.

For more info about their work check their Facebook page and follow their Instagram account @squareartgallery



Last modified: 14/02/2018