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On 22/01/2017

Letters of the Arabic Alphabet have meanings and secrets far beyond their phonetic sounds.
Inside this Box is a set of three typographic booklets along with three posters attached inside each one of them that explore three letters of the Arabic Alphabet, through experimental typography, in a quest to reveal some of the beauty and mystery of a culture constantly misjudged.

ن  | noon al niswa  /  نون الـــــــــــــنسوة
The N that praises all women also known as
“noon el niswa” or “ The N of the Female”
Imagine a letter created to praise the women, when attached to a verb or a noun; it draws a picture of eve alone. The word then becomes the property of the female alone, acknowledging her status and superiority in a male dominated world.


و  | waw al jama’a  /  واو الجمــــــــــــــاعة
The Power of the group also known as ”waw al jama’a”
or “The O of the Group”
“Waw el jama’a” when attached to the end of a verb, immediately takes the action to the universe of the
group. It acknowledges the power of togetherness and the harmony required to do a certain action in a
group. ”Waw al jama’a” is an important ingredient in the study of sociology and how different cultures
should coexist.

º  | al sekoon  /  الســـــــــــــكون
The circle that projects peace and calmness also known as
“Al Sukun” or “The Serenity”
Al sekoun is not a letter per say. It is a phonetic sign when attached to any Arabic letter, the reader
is politely asked to acquire a certain Zen state when pronouncing that letter in the word.
This in return installs, next to the meaning of the word, certain wisdom and calmness that elevate the
language to a finer realm.

Credits: Nora Aly, Gina Nagy.Executive Creative Director / Writer : Hesham El Labban Binding by Gina Nagy

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