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On 14/09/2017

Life in color baby quilt-Handmade by Bird Nest Quilts-Photographs courtesy of

Bird Nest Quilts make handmade quilted products mainly blankets with imported cotton to create designs that merge between traditional quilt making and modern patterns. All of their products are made from 100% cotton imported fabrics and batting, they’re all machine washable to ensure that they’re easy to clean.

Since the products are hand-made, Bird Nest Quilts decided not to make more than 2 of the same quilt in order to make them more unique. They do not hold stock as the product is mostly personalized by order for their clients

Kitty the cat ?, Teddy the bear ?, Bailey the dog ? and Hop the bunny ?. Photographs courtesy of

The Cat Appliqué by Bird Nest Quilts-Photographs courtesy of

Baby quilt-Photographs courtesy of

 Bird Nest Quilts have size standards that they stick to, which are as follows:
– Crib (100 x 75cm), which comes with complimentary slippers.
– Baby (130 x 105 cm), which comes with complimentary slippers and is also our best seller.
– Single (180 x 140 cm)
– Double (200 x 200 cm)
– Queen (210 x 220 cm)

Christmas edition-Photographs courtesy of

Personalized baby quilt by Bird Nest Quilts-Photographs courtesy of

Their best sellers are the baby size (130 x 105 cm) and more specifically the Cat Appliqué which has been having a great success with most of their clients. They g.have 3 other animals (dog, bear and bunny) but for some reason the cat is the most successful one. We have given them names too Kitty the cat ?, Teddy the bear ?, Bailey the dog ? and Hop the bunny ?.

Bird Nest Quilts hold seasonal products for Christmas, which are basically table toppers and table runners, which are only available from November till January.

For more info and orders follow them on Instagram @birdnestquilts, They can also be reached through email:

Queen size quilt-Photographs courtesy of

Christmas edition-Photographs courtesy of




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