Built Environment Futures: Networking event by NextARCH Lab.

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On 29/10/2019

The “Built Environment Futures” project is a specially tailored networking event by the AUC NextARCH Lab, in order to create a supportive community of researchers focused on collaborating on applicable solutions for the problems and challenges facing Egyptian cities.

Built Environment Futures is a three-phase project that starts with a ‘Networking’ event that attracts groups of researchers sharing an interest in pursuing the questions proposed by the professional community. NextARCH Lab provides them with a support platform to develop feasible project proposals backed by competent teams. Upon completion, proposals are then presented to market representatives in another ‘Linking’ event, who can decide to sponsor and realize those projects that meet their business interests. The project phases are summarized as follows:

  • The Ideation Phase: the first phase starts with an on-ground “Networking” event that helps scholars from all over Egypt to meet and connect. It helps them create a support network that shares the same interests and enthusiasm for change. In order to make sure that the ideas discussed in the event grow and get focused NextARCH Online Platform will host “Discussion Boards” giving the newly organized scholars network a go-to place to continue their discussions and debates with an objective to clarify their research question and identify the collaborating team. At this point, the collaborating team moves to a private virtual workspace to develop a formal proposal.
  • The Incubation Phase: The second phase is a mixture of on-ground and online activities. The virtual “Think-Tank” rooms provide a platform for the research team to focus their closed discussions towards developing a formal research proposal. They are supported through on-ground and online reviews, guidance, and mentorship from various experts. The outputs of this phase should be a comprehensive research proposal addressing the original problem together with a professional ‘pitch’ to be made to potentially interested built environment stakeholders.
  • The Realization phase; the third and final phase is an on-ground “Linking” event that hosts potential stakeholders, developers, decision-makers, builders, etc. Each team will have the opportunity to pitch their project proposal to them and hopefully, match with one of these stakeholders to collaborate on implementing their projects.
NextARCH Lab Architecture Tsunami exhibition

NextARCH Lab was founded in 2019 under the Architecture department of the School of Science & Engineering at AUC through a grant from the AUC Centennial Fund. It is committed to open research and innovation through collaborative partnerships to deliver tangible benefits to the community.

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