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Launched in 2010, &CAIRO is a new Egyptian furniture brand founded by Cherif and Rami Makram hoping to expand their family business (HardWood Furniture Co.). Inspired by the city they live in, the brothers wanted to dedicate their passion for furniture making to Cairo in a brand that introduces a young design approach that appreciates and reflects the Cairene lifestyle. As its name indicate &CAIRO has inspirations from vintage and retro pieces that are significant to Cairo’s culture and character.

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FLOW_coffee table setup001FLOW_ coffee table:

Representing the union of two small rivers that create the flow of the Nile, the FLOW_ coffee table is more than just a piece of furniture. Its clean and continuous lines reflect the energy that surrounds this great river, in a sleek design that creates the desire to gather around it to share and communicate. The FLOW_ coffee table also exudes a key aspect of Cairene life, where a certain culture of “joie de vivre” brings people together in social gatherings.

Designer: Leonard Bila

K_side table setup 001

K_ side table:

Using a staple design item from Downtown Cairo, the traditional coffee table, as inspiration, the K_ side table has reinvented and refreshed a culture as well as a furniture piece. Reconstructed fully in continuous wooden strips; the modern version of the table moves away from the conventionally used form and materials.

Designer: Cherif Makram

Round Table (19)-3

TEA_side tables:

Initially designed by their grandfather, the Makram brothers reinterpreted the original table into a set. The TEA_side tables were modernized by minimizing their lines as well as accentuating their classical frame with vibrant colors, which resulted into a contemporary piece that communicates an old story with a modern dialogue.

Designer: Cherif Makram

ZIGZAG_bookshelf setup001


Trying to express some of the rich details found in so many aspects of Egypt, the designer opted to incorporate the zigzag detail into the structure rather than simply applying it as a pattern. As a result, the ZIGZAG_bookshelf becomes a junction between a contemporary design approach where very often forms are strongly linked to the overall appearance of the piece and a more classical one where patterns as well as details are widely used to give pieces a character and identity.



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