Architecture · 11/06/2017

Al Arich Courthouse Complex by Jeddar Design Studio

“Believing in Architecture as a cultural aspect, affecting the culture and affected by it”. That was the start point seeing the building -Courthouse Complex- as a very important node that will solve the existing contradiction between the customary Judiciary and the traditional Judiciary system.
It was targeted to create an interactive complex that respond to the residents’ of Al Arich city, their culture and environment.
This target was achieved by adopting the building to work as a tool to Integrate between the two types of Judiciary systems in one building and attracting the context public influx throughout the building.

The Courthouse Complex located in Al Arich city, North Sinai. The program included Main Hall/courtroom, traditional courtrooms, informal Arab gatherings, community platform, administrative facilities and other facilities.

Designed by Jeddar Design Studio, A Cairo based architecture and interior design studio, characterized with creativity, innovation and work collaboratively to offer clients unique and sustainable solutions. “Believing in Architecture as a cultural aspect, affecting the culture and affected by it, is always our starting point to create a unique, creative and interactive design that responds to our clients needs. Our area of expertise is designing creative spaces of different spatial usages. Commercial, Administrative, Residential & Mixed use public spaces”.
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