Creative Doodles and Zentangles by Israa Azzam

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On 12/09/2017

Talented Architect & Interior designer Israa Azzam –a recent Engineering and Architecture graduate- has decided to take the road less traveled by most people in her discipline and instead, channel her energy into fueling her passion for graphic design. Her work is based mainly on shapes and Zentangles – an abstract form of drawing that incorporates meditation and illustration to create unique shapes and patterns, and involves the use of black ink on white paper.“For me, doodling is more than just mindless drawing – it’s a form of unique and unrestricted creative expression, “doodling is a great, fun way of expressing yourself”. But because everyone can do it, it’s often underrated as an art form”.
For more info about her work and designs follow her Instagram account @israaazzam.designs





Last modified: 12/09/2017