Interior Design · 16/08/2017

Elegant All-White Apartment overlooking the Nile river

This stunning overlooking Nile river apartment was recently designed by Hala Imam. Instead of bulking up the space in colors, Hala has gone all-white.

The design has a modern yet classic touch and using white has helped to showcase the personality and style of the place by displaying artwork and sculptures.

Using warm tones and textures of white has empowered the interior and gave it more depth

Although the white color is very powerful and bold to use, Hala has managed brilliantly to use the dazzling Nile as a dramatic backdrop. Also, the usage of many warm white tones and textures has empowered the interior and gave it more depth.

Upon graduation from Faculty of Fine Arts, Hala had the opportunity to work with the Egyptian renowned Architects. She worked for 15 years in furniture design for one of Egypt’s most influential gallery/manufacturer. In parallel to working with encouraging artists and designers, and in the imaginative field of Furniture design, Hala entered the field of Interior Designing; where she had the chance for more creativity for style variation and fascinating designs for every house.
In addition to her work in interior design and furniture manufacture, Hala is a dancer at the Modern Dance Company at Cairo Opera House. She believes in the strong link between the body and the mind. Such a blossoming link adds a new dimension to the culture of the society. The diversity of different types of arts has a strong impact on culture.
For more info about her work check her Facebook page.