Epilogue by Menna El Gedily

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On 27/02/2017

Epilogue is a collage project that Menna has been working for the past 2 years. “I started keeping journals and using them as a form of expression. The idea of my collage is trying to balance between whats real and whats not. Like a puzzle, trying to put missing pieces together from here and there, connecting the dots, reaching a different perspective and constructing an image that gives a metaphorical meaning to reality”.

Menna El Gedily, 23 years old, currently studying political science at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science -french section-.

I’m interested in Russian literature, Philosophy, European Cinema and traveling but my main passion is doing/making collage art and also collecting all kinds of stuff, mainly old found (books, magazines, shells, feathers.) last but not least, very fond of cats”. Later on, I’d love to move forward with my practicing collage art and work on a children book of stories.

For more about Menna, Follow her on instagram: @mennaelgedily




Last modified: 27/02/2017