Built Environment Futures “THE NETWORKING EVENT-1st phase”

A networking event hosted by NextARCH Lab, AUC Egypt.

As a response to the emerging questions and problems faced by the leaders of the built environment; Developers, investors, contractors, governmental personal and different stakeholders. NextARCH Lab tailored a three-phased project in order to help your Questions find answers, and have access to more data that will help every stakeholder to get an advantage in the competitive market.

Built Environment Futures is a venue for a competent research community to focus on researching the built environment problems and emergent questions offered by stakeholders. It targets researchers who are sensitive to real market needs and work along to examine, and develop research problems that can help in mediating the divide, and re-shaping a future where the market and the decision-makers are active participants in the solution. The Built Environment Futures aims at reintroducing research as a relevant tool for practical projects in the current built environment.

The first phase “The Ideation Phase”: An on-ground networking event that helps scholars from all over Egypt to grow and connect.In order to make sure that the ideas discussed in the event grow and get focused NextARCH Online Platform will host “discussion boards” giving the newly organized scholars network a go-to place for support, growth, and development. This phase ends once the discussion meets the needed criteria to change into a private proposal workspace.

Event Objectives:

  • Creating an active and supportive community of researchers, scholars, students, and practitioners of the built environment.
  • Developing a platform where research becomes a relevant and useful tool for market-driven projects towards better solutions for a better quality built environment.


Event Outline:

  • Three and a half hours total (40×2 – 30 x2- 30×2 – 15×2)
  • Expected number 10 groups – 100 people total
  • 2 Networking Rounds (30 minutes each)
  • 2 Question pitching Rounds (40 minutes each)
  • 10 People per Group
  • The Rounds, are according to the questions pitched earlier.


Event Structure:

Round 1

The Pitch – 7 Pitchers present 7 Questions – Marry Cross Hall  (40 Minutes)

  • Each core pitcher will have 3 min. to state the question and why it is relevant to a better-built environment.


The Questions – 7 Groups of up to 12 – Connect, debate, and question – Foyer (30 Minutes)

  • Every participant has up to 2 minutes to express their ideas and thoughts on the question and how to make it more focused.
  • Pitcher moderates and leads group discussions to rephrase and focus the question.
  • 1 undergraduate student sets the timer and records the session, with another student taking notes and images



All groups are allowed to network and share contacts – Foyer  (20 Minutes)


Round 2

Repeat exercise above for one more time. (30 Minutes)



And end of event.

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