Furniture · 10/08/2015

“Fab” Coffee Table by Phrase..

This coffee table will make a statement, the table is eye catching and functional where the top is unique with two trays that differ in size and can be removed and used elsewhere or simply flip them over for surface space and not to mention the hanging leather belts for book storage that will give this hip urban design convenience of multi-functional use.


Product Photography by Donna Gouda

2Product Photography by Donna Gouda

3Product Photography by Donna Gouda

4Product Photography by Donna Gouda

5Product Photography by Donna Gouda

Phrase is a product design brand originated in Cairo, Egypt launched in January 2014 by Egyptian Product designer Youssef Edward Baskharoon. After majoring in Product Design Youssef decided to add more to his family furniture business by creating a new line of domestically manufactured products under a brand that has a fine sense of simplicity and artistic functionality ranging from furniture to industrial designs. The Name “Phrase” Is inspired from the concept of a phrase in grammar which is roughly defined as “a group of words that function together to express a meaning” Same concept applies to a product as words become design elements and the brand’s mission is to deliver through putting these elements in a comprehensible combination.

The brand’s vision is to expand the Egyptian market with new and original perspectives. good design starts with a phrase It has a meaning, it has a language and the brand’s main approach is to deliver products that communicate with the user.

For more info about their work check their website and Facebook page.