Art · 02/07/2017

Interactive Kaleidoscope Project Exhibition by Roba Mostafa

This is an interactive kaleidoscope that changes in forms and colors according to movements in the surrounding space and colors of the environment. People could also interact with the piece through sound, as by just moving around, they are able to influence the volume of the sound, that reacts to motion detection.

Interactive kaleidoscope was firstly exhibited on the 7th of April 2017, at Selective Exhibition at Easel & Camera Art Gallery in collaboration with Dreamland Golf Club, where guests got introduced to the interactive project and ways of getting integrated in businesses. Then this project was exhibited once again on the 20th of May 2017, at the same location, at the opening of Weaam Elmasry’s solo exhibition.

Kaleidoscope changes in forms and colors according to movements in the surrounding space and colors of the environment

Interactive kaleidoscope

Roba Mostafa during the exhibition

Roba Mostafa, an Egyptian interdisciplinary designer passionate about installation, exhibition and lighting design as well as interactive media. She graduated with a bachelor degree in Media Design with High Honors, from the media department at the faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts, at the German University in Cairo GUC. She’s mostly interested in the integration of interactive media solutions in various fields that include, but aren’t limited to, education, retail, therapy, and marketing. She believes that being immersed into an interactive story is one powerful way to engage the audience’s 5 senses and create a lasting effect that inspires action.

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