Art · 16/08/2016

Interesting paper cut Arabesque by Tuka ElSafty

Tuka El Safty, a product design student interested in Islamic Arts is sharing one of her projects using paper and creating creative Islamic patterns. TS-1

I am endlessly fascinated by all typed of Islamic Art, including arabesque, and lately I am also fascinated by the possibilities of paper. After concentrating for a while on drawing and painting I decided to experiment this type of art in the form of paper-cutting. removing so much of the paper’s surface leaves me with a lace-like miniature world that always renews my awe of this art form. I love watching a sheet of paper turn into a beautiful piece of art one cut at a time“. TS-2 TS-3 TS-4Check the rest of her work on behance and follow her on instagram: @tukaelsafty