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On 20/09/2015

ICONIC Studio has successfully completed the interior design scheme for a private residence nestled in the heart of  New Cairo.

From the outside, this villa has everything to weave it into the visual landscape of the New Cairo residential area, including wooden shading elements to match with the structure’s white building material as well as water features from the outside, such as a pool to cool down in the heat of the desert’s sun. 04

01At night, Lighting features give the villa a fabulous sparkling image from the outside so that the viewer can enjoy the beauty of the water features as well as the peace and serenity enjoyed at this particular location.
11The heart and soul of the villa lies on the inside, demonstrating an elegant interior design using a black and white patterned ceramics, black wall panels, not to mention the selection of elegant furniture to go with the richness of the environment.12

13 The residence in essence is a modern reinterpretation of neoclassical design, done in the setting and framework of a villa. The success of the design lies not only in its ability to hit the viewer with a shot of pure tastefulness, but also redefines the way New Cairenes should have their homes done in the future









Founded in 2012, ICONIC Studio is an interior design studio which was started by two young architects Adham Afify and Ahmed Yousry. Seeking to redefine the standards of design practice, ICONIC Studio is working to be the driving force behind innovation in all its creations, using the latest methods to achieve client satisfaction. In essence, every design by ICONIC Studio seeks to be more than an idea, but rather a message to all designers in the region that the next generation must be the impetus behind shaping the creative scene in their own individual localities.

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