Highlights / Products · 10/02/2021

Lou’Lou’ – 3D Printed Lamp X Khawarizm

Designed by Khawarizm Studio for 3D Printed Luminaire Competition, Lou’Lou’ is the winning proposal in the Competition held by Huda Lighting and Immensa Labs, which revisits our relationship to cultural heritage and our nature in an innovative 3D printed lighting fixture.

Lou’Lou’ the arabic word for “Pearls” is a name that reflects the natural concept behind the design, the concept is to develop our cultural heritage in a futuristic design process, the form is influenced by famous wind catchers in our Arab world architecture with parametric organic growth from the Voronoi 3D fractals to represent our love for Arabic heritage and organic growing patterns.

As we are living in the age of fluidity in Zygmont Baumann’s philosophical approach; we decided to enhance fluidity in the Voronoi pattern, using just one algorithm for endless variations that represents the current Hegelian Zeitgeist.

Our design implements the origin of our concept about futuristic lighting fixtures: Through a smart LED-lighting unit to the core of it, and based on internet-of-things technology, Lou’Lou’ is responsive to your orders with multiple lighting modes and colors, establishing it as the first 3D printed smart lamp in the Middle East.

We received a great honor to exhibit our 3D Printed Lamp design at one of the best design events in the Middle East, Dubai Design Week 2020, hosted by Colab space and arranged by the competition organizers Huda Lighting and Immensa Labs.

Designed for 3D printing by: Khawarizm Studio

Lead Designer: Muhammad Khalid

Team: Mostafa Hamdy

Light Fitting by: Huda Lighting

3D Printed by: Immensa Labs