Architecture · 05/08/2019

Neel’s Residence by Architect Zak Ghanim

New airy, minimalistic dynamic home using wood frame construction, thus creating a captivating, gravity defying scheme and reflecting the clients needs of a signature design that combines architectural panache with functional elements.

Located in Toronto, Canada, The design creates an energetic sense of tension characterized with fearful asymmetries and surreal impulses.

It is a walk-in sculpture that does not have a front or rear elevations by introducing a concept of stable instability and the feeling of going out of control in an Escher-like vison.

The Ground floor features a small entrance lobby that invites visitors with a gentle persuasion to a surprisingly spacious 2 level Living area open to second floor. Family room is directly linked to Kitchen and dining area and surrounded with an open rear deck. A Sunken seating area encompassing a free standing 2 sided fire place providing a cozy congenial and well oxygenated ambiance defined by intimate angularity and abstraction blending with spaces of illusive volumes.

Zak Ghanim is an Egyptian architect who graduated from Faculty of engineering, department of Architecture, Alexandria University. Based in Toronto, Award-winning Zak Ghanim Architect/Planner Inc. is a team of dedicated professionals distinguished by devotion and thoroughness to fundamental elements of urban composition. The architecture of Zak Ghanim speaks for itself. Its objectives and effects are profoundly clear and artistically poetic. Ghanim’s belief is that the same stroke of a pen of a droplet of ink used by an architect , may create a heavenly utopian castle, or a miserable torture chamber. Therefore, his architectural language is an acceptance of, not an escape from, human values. Ghanim’s team strategy is achieved by a consistent search for a better issues that lift the soul and feed the spirit, by creating a divine synthesis that injects a rare fusion between art, technology and humanity.

For more info about Zak Ghanim work, check his website.