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On 17/04/2018

DAI are outdoors & indoors lighting products made of concrete and gold stainless steel. For the first...

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On 16/04/2018

The Minimalist Atelier is a Cairo based atelier specialized in creating decorative paintings that fit and add...

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On 11/04/2018

TakeCaire is an Edition House of handmade design cofounded by Sylvie Blanchet, interior designer and graduate...

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On 14/02/2018

SQUARE Art Prints Gallery provides a unique lifestyle through delivering high quality and artistic home...

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On 28/01/2018

Film My Design is a platform that showcases the design process through Film. It aims to establish a creative...

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On 25/01/2018

Artellers is a contemporary multidisciplinary Egyptian design house that creates diversified contemporary...

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On 22/01/2018

For almost three months, Eslam Abd El Salam has been visiting rooftops here and there with his two friends...

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On 15/01/2018

Winter Home is the latest project done by Nada & Rana El Hadedy Architecture Studio. It is a second home...

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On 11/12/2017

Expressionism Expressionism, is an artistic movement in which the artist attempts to depict not objective...

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On 06/12/2017

WK Collection Gallery is considered a “Creativeness Hub”. It basically provides different and unique...

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