Pixel Typography by Salma Fahmy

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On 11/10/2017

Molten, Dynamic, bold, pop and pixelated. Visually experimenting distortions and twists, blending full-saturated colors.
Also keeping an eye on the dominance of the letter, not far away from it’s Kufic base whilst maintaining its structure.
And that is a tricky formula to fulfill along with the aesthetic aspect.
The challenge is that each piece holds and expresses the line/word in a different way, so that each piece is not like the other, not even in the colors. However, they all emanate from the same concept.
Expressing through Arabic letters and compositions have been always an endless trip of exploration..
“In the end I want to thank my teacher and mentor, the artist Muhammad ElMahdy for granting me this internship at QafStudio (The leading school for Arabic calligraphy, typography and Islamic arts), where I have been learning Arabic typography and lettering”.
 For more info about Salma’s work check her behance account here.

Wax and feathers | شمع وريش

Everything is slipping away | كل شيء يفر

And the heart came loose as a rosary did | وانفرط القلب كالمسبح

If I could just fade away! | لو أني فقط اتلاشى

Drifting | انجراف

Frailty | هشاشة

I fraction in the mirror | اتجزأ في المرآة

Acidic | حامض

Accumulation | تراكم

The Initial “Qaf” | ق



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