Interior Design · 10/11/2015

“Santorini Greek Restaurant” by Lab 59

“Working closely with our clients, sharing experiences, knowledge and evolving are our main values is what drives Lab59 to excel and flourish in the field of Architectural design. Through out the years we’ve kept our eyes focused on our values and priorities that were the foundations and pillars of the project that has helped it rise to success”.

Our Egyptian Greek client, was an asset to our intensive research, his cultural background helped us gain a more intimate feeling of the Greek culture and and a taste of it’s tradition which added and defined the concept of the restaurant.

123f4428217419.5637180d8abc1Photo by Tarek Mahmoud

Lab59 is a Cairo based Design Studio Specialized in the fields of Architecture, Interior, landscape and experimental Design. It was founded in 2007 by  Architects, Mohammed Yassin Elhamaky & Nour El Deen Khaled.