Talented Egyptian Artists to follow-Part II

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On 17/04/2016

The list keeps getting bigger..

Ahmad Shaboury

An Architect graduated from Mansoura university.


 “I have Two years work experience including working on some major projects such as King Abdullah Foundation Which is an Urban design project for 10 cities in KSA ( Ehc Consultants ) and the project of the new capital in Egypt ( 5+)”.


“I got interested in architectural visualization since it has a magnificent role in contemporary architecture nowadays specially matte painting and post production” .

Ahmed Tallal

An Architect & Architectural Visualization Artist based in Cairo, Egypt.


Tallal has graduated from Ain shams university class of 2009 and holds BSc. in Architectural Engineering and has been working in Architecture, Interior Design and the 3D industry of architectural visualization.


Tallal has special experience in Exterior Design, Interior Design, Landscape, Planning of Residential Compounds.
He is  also experienced in architectural visualization, specialized in lighting, advanced materials, vegetation, interior and exterior renderings.

Besides, the 3D Architecturra-Digital Architecture Magazine has done interview with him, you can check it here.

Mohammed El Nabarawy

A 22 years old Architect & CG Artist from Mansoura. He is the co-founder at Mastara Team .


His team won several awards from  Ain-shams university , Auc and Cairo university. They also entered the Evolo competition last year.

Mohamed Sabry

A 3d artist and working as 3dmax instructor .


After I graduated from faculty of commerce, I obtained a scholarship on track graphics and multimedia. I believe that I am really lucky because I reinvented myself again. I have been working as a as a free lancer since 2009“.MS-2

“I also learned photography which helped me in the architectural visualizations field”.



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