Architecture · 15/01/2018

Winter Home by Nada & Rana El Hadedy Architecture studio

Winter Home is the latest project done by Nada & Rana El Hadedy Architecture Studio. It is a second home for a family vacation located in Al Ain Al Sokhna.
Architects Nada & Rana El Hadedy used the sloped shape to give the first floor a view to all sides as they wanted it to be open and welcoming.They did not want to block the view by any means.They replaced the windows with a pattern to give the internal space a unique and colorful atmosphere. The interior design is mainly driven by the exterior form. The sloped shapes impacted the internal space ceiling and walls creating a non traditional entrance. Using the wall slope to create a welcoming flower box , and the ceiling slope to have an attractive sky light.
The internal theme is purely contemporary with a natural feeling. The design is aiming for simplicity and connectivity.Nada & Rana El Hadedy Architecture Studio introduced the natural theme in various forms through the internal green court, the fixed flower box and the natural light .
The contemporary theme interpreted through furniture, the contrast between the white walls, the dark black floor and  the colorful shades composed from the exterior colorful stair pattern .

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Purple and blue coolor scheme mixed with natural green color of plants .

Dark floor to add a luxurious feeling and reflect the simplicity of the internal space .