WK Gallery-Accessories & Crafts by Walaa Khamis

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On 06/12/2017

WK Collection Gallery is considered a “Creativeness Hub”. It basically provides different and unique designs, where you can get artistic, creative and trendy Women accessories and crafts.

Founded by Walaa Khamis, WK Gallery is a small yet creative gallery that includes women accessories and crafts inspired from Egyptian culture and other cultures.

WK Collection Gallery provides fresh taste of art inspired by different cultures (Egyptian, Indian, Filipino,..etc) and made with extraordinary materials (Jeans, wood, threads,..etc).

Currently they are offering small scale workshops such as knotting accessories for adults and the art of waste & recycling for kids.

They also do other crafts  such as customized lanterns, pencil cases, dream catchers and pottery.

For more info about their work check their Facebook page here.






Last modified: 06/12/2017