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On 24/07/2016

yellow. is a fresh design studio founded by two design fanatics in the busy, inspiring city of Cairo.

“We believe that fine designs should be reachable and affordable to those who appreciate them. We love experimenting with various materials and manufacturing techniques, to make sleek and functional furniture pieces and home accessories. 

Our aim is for people to associate yellow. with unique designs and steady functionality, yet reasonable prices. We want you to make impulse buying decisions when you see our products, knowing that they speak to you and complement your furniture with iconic valuable pieces.

In doing that, we proudly put Egyptian craftsmanship under the spotlight locally and internationally; showcasing talented workers capable of making high quality products using good material”.

We aspire to create!

Y6. Collection


The concept is to create a sleek collection that focuses on highlighting the connecting junction between metal and wood.Y6+all+004eThe idea is a flat pack furniture collection line appealing and attractive to assemble yourself. The idea is to wrap up and clamp the warm wood pieces with cool bright metal structure to fixate them into modern sleek furniture units such as tables, stools, shelves..etc. The minimal design emphasizes the connection to be a core design element. Wood is offered in natural finish, while metal is offered in various colours to fit your unique liveable interiors.

Egyptian Thonetdownload

The Egyptian Thonet is an icon in the Egyptian community, found for decades in the local coffee shops, and a variation of the original design Thonet no.14.

The idea was to revive the diminishing Egyptian Thonets from streets and coffee shops.2The concept is to re-use the same thonet components, but to enhance the design to suit our cultural needs. Stretching and axis rotation to the chair legs was applied to balance the widened seat, 3 variations of the seat were tested.


A cool twist to your classic to go coffee cup.

Mouth Blown Heat Resistant Pyrex Glass, Authentic Egyptian Rope.

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